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2024 PRTESOL Board  of Directors

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are delighted to introduce our esteemed new board members. Their expertise and dedication will guide us through 2024. Our new board members will bring a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to our organization.

Our Story

PRTESOL is a professional association for English language educators in Puerto Rico. The organization is dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching and learning English as a second language and fostering professional development opportunities for its members. PRTESOL's team leaders work tirelessly to organize conferences, workshops, and other events that provide educators with the latest research, best practices, and networking opportunities. They also collaborate with other organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions to advocate for English language education and support the needs of English language learners in Puerto Rico. Overall, PRTESOL and its team leaders are committed to advancing the field of English language education and supporting the growth and success of its members.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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